It is my pleasure to Welcome you to ADC.

The exercise of accessing and obtaining health care and diagnostic services at any level can be intimidating and difficult. So we want to provide you with timely and accurate medical and diagnostic testing that will assist you in making wise and critical healthcare decisions.

At ADC we are more than your imaging and lab testing providers – we are your friends. The dedicated team of health care professionals at ADC is very proud of our facilities in Twin cities, together we are dedicated to delivering excellent care. This is our commitment, reflected in our shared values of integrity, respect, excellence and growth.

Our vision is to provide exceptional and compassionate care by providing accurate imaging and lab services, inspired by the people we serve. Our goal is to align our resources to ensure that we are being responsive to our communitie’s diverse diagnostic and laboratory needs, ADC is committed in its efforts to maintain the level of service which our communities depend on daily.

Kindest Regards